Howard Memorial Hospital, established over 60 years ago, provides comprehensive patient-focused services that are managed and delivered by a skilled staff of medical professionals. As a non-profit hospital, HMH is committed to providing the community with friendly service, quality care, and state-of-the-art medical technology. HMH, licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH), offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services.

Loyalty to our customers, our Hospital and each other motivates us to provide services that are delivered confidentially with compassion and respect, as we provide Quality Care Close to Home.

2014 Service Awards

In recognition of national hospital week, Howard Memorial Hospital would like to acknowledge veterans who have exemplified the facility's core values through years of dedication and commitment to the hospital and the community.

10 Year Service

Tamera Chafin was employed by HMH on November 19, 2003 to work as a LPN in the ER. In June of 2009 she received her RN license and remained in the Emergency Room.

Lisa Jones was "begged" by several to come on board full time after working as PRN in the emergency room. Finally DeQueen's loss became Howards gain. Lisa has worked her entire 10 years in the ER.

Adriane Pickett worked in the Surgery department in April of 2003, while finishing RN school as an "Advanced Patient Care Technician". So when she finished school and got her Temporary RN licenses in August of 2004, she was already trained and ready to go. Adriane has been in the Surgery department her full 10 years.

Jill Crump also came to us from DeQueen as a Surgery RN in February of 2003. She changed to PRN in June of 2004 and moved to Texas. In January of 2005 we started trying to get her to come back as the Surgery Department Director and finally succeeded in March of 2005. Jill is a CPSI "Super User" and a valuable piece of our electronic puzzle.

15 Year Service

Jennifer Smead came to us in October 1998 as a Radiology Technician. She is skilled in most all modalities in the department.

Terry Don Brewer's rehire date is July 27, 1998 as part-time floor maintenance and changed to full time on February 8, 1999. He's original hire date was January 27, 1992. Terry has work in the EVS department the whole 15 years.

Steve Lewis came to HMH on February 23, 1998 as a Physical Therapist in the Rehab department. He has been there ever since.

25 Year Service

Susan Wright, (11/28/1988) has worked at the nursing station desk for 25 year. She has been called a "Ward Clerk", a "Unit Secretary" and now a "Monitor Technician.

35 Year Service

Gayla Beaird 10/9/1978; started out as an OJT in the Respiratory Therapy department and attended an on-line college CCHS to receive her CRT. She attended Red River Vo-tech to get her EMT licenses so she could help out the emergency department and then decided to get her Registry for Respiratory Therapy. Well, she wasn't finished, she went back to school to get her LPN license and immediately continued to get her RN licenses. Gayla says she's not through yet. Gayla is the director of Respiratory Therapy, Employee Health Nurse, Infection Control Nurse and the Cardiopulmonary Director, I don't know how she will have time to go back to school, but I'm sure she will find a way.